Registered Chemicals Corporation

Registered Chemicals Corporation provides world-class hygiene solutions delivered direct to your location. Cleaning Hygiene is becoming more complex as cleaning regulations are quickly changing to respond to demands of environmental and public safety laws. RCC’s mission is to provide hygiene products and service to help you stay in-check with this ever changing dynamic.

Many products we sell come under the watchdog of the EPA and FDA and as such, are manufactured under strict guidelines. These products are listed as “Registered Products“ (hence our corporate name). Reliability of label claims on EPA and FDA registered products is a guiding principal. A claim is achieved only after years of testing, validation and finally approval.

The balance of our product offering is based on the latest technologies in cleaning hygiene. We continually search the world to bring you the most innovative products for your environment. By embracing the registered guidelines and targeting equal or better performance compared to traditional solutions, our products become more reliable.

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