3D ONE Hybrid Compound & Polish

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3D ONE is like no other compound or polish you’ve ever used, and you’ll find this out the first time you use it. 3D ONE cuts like a compound and finishes out like a fine cut polish. Other companies have tried to create a product like 3D ONE in the past, but no one even comes close to 3D ONE. To change the cut simply change the pad or tool. That’s right, change the tool. For super aggressive cut, use 3D ONE with a rotary polisher and a traditional 4-ply, twisted wool cutting pad. For less cut, use any orbital polisher with either a fiber pad or a foam cutting pad. For polishing and show car finishing work, switch to your favorite orbital polisher and a soft foam polishing of even softer foam finishing pad.

Unlike any other compound or polish you’ve ever used, to experience the forever buffing cycle is incredible. This product will simply NOT dry-up on you. As long as you buff the product will stay wet on the surface and continue to cut or polish. Everyone I’ve ever met hates it when any product becomes dusty while they buff or when it’s time to wipe-off the residue. Never happens. Never.

The wipe-off is smooth and fluid. The product lubricates the surface as you wipe so not only is wiping off easy there’s virtually zero risk for wiping induced towel marring. Unheard of when it comes to compounds and polishes.