Auto Magic No.45 Ceramic Magic™

Auto Magic No.45 Ceramic Magic™

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Auto Magic Ceramic Magic™ is a fast-applying, highly hydrophobic ceramic spray for use on exterior painted surfaces. Provides a protective and long-lasting finish to exterior painted surfaces. Nonabrasive. Easy to use; just apply a small amount to the surface, wipe on, wipe off.

  • Si02 Ceramic Spray Sealant
  • Delivers a rich, crystal clear, reflective finish
  • Extremely hydrophobic--repels water with incredible beading and sheeting action
  • Resistance to UV and chemical exposure provides a durable shine that will last months
  • Easy to apply--wipe on with a microfiber towel, then wipe off
  • Safe to use on glass & vinyl trim
  • Excellent on RVs, motorcycles, bikes, and other painted surfaces.

HELPFUL TIPS: It is best to remove all surface contamination with the use of Clay Magic® detailing clay prior to application to ensure the highest performance of #45. This will also ensure easier application and removal. Do not apply ceramic sprays in thick layers. A little goes a long way. Best used on cool, dry vehicles out of the sunlight.

DIRECTIONS: Shake product well. Vehicle should be cool, properly cleaned and free of surface contaminants. Working one panel at a time (large panels should be done in 3’x3’ sections) Lightly mist a small amount of product onto the surface. Wipe product into the painted surface. Allow to slightly blush, then buff to a high gloss with a second clean, DRY towel.

NOTE: The haze will be minimal, as this product is a spray ceramic, not a traditional polymer or carnauba spray. To avoid streaking or high spots, do not let product dry on surface. Do not use in direct sunlight. Use only a small amount of product. Tip: After application, if you have a smear or high spot, wiping the area with a damp/misted towel should eliminate the smear or high spot. Recommendation: For best/longest lasting performance, do not wash the car for 4 hours after application of Ceramic Magic™.