Auto Magic No.52 Liquid Clay Decon

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Liquid Clay Decon™ is a spray-on and rinse-away, color-changing, and pH-neutral exterior decontaminant that is safe on all exterior substrates. It breaks down the harshest contaminants that embed themselves in the vehicle. This fast-acting formula quickly penetrates as it changes color to illuminate material buildup. Simply spray on and after dwell time, rinse away all unwanted contamination from the exterior of the vehicle.
  1. Low Odor – doesn’t have that rotten egg or funky odor – smells like a cleaning product.
  2. Color Change Technology – changes to a red color upon contact with iron/metal on surfaces.
  3. Cleaning – more thorough and faster cleaning than our Iron Clear formula.
  4. Clinging Formula – clings better to vertical surfaces – for better cleaning/decontaminating results.
  5. Spray On Rinse Off – no wiping/scrubbing required – the chemical does all the work.