Crystal Wash SIO2 Fortified Hydrophobic Shampoo

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Nanoskin Crystal Wash adds hydrophobic protection to your weekly maintenance wash. Having hydrophobic protection on your vehicle encourages water-borne dirt and contamination to slide away, rather than stick. Treated surfaces stay looking cleaner for longer and because dirt doesn't bond as readily, cleaning the car is much easier! With neutral pH, high lubricity formula, crystal wash is designed to work on its own or to boost existing wax, sealant or ceramic coating layers. It is safe on all surfaces including paint, rims, glass and plastic and it will add instant protection to these surfaces, or boost any protection already applied. Simply wash your car the same way you would with any other auto shampoo, rinse off, and stand back to admire the results. Note: For heavily contaminated cars, CRYSTAL WASH should be applied after the main wash process. Note: Do not wash in direct sun, do not let product dry during application.