Flexible Shaft FS 140 Set

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The FLEX FS-140 Flexible Shaft Set is free-mounting on the FLEX PXE80 with quick-change mechanism and tool-free accessory change with bit holder receptacle.  The extremely slim handle of the FLEX FS-140 Flexible Shaft Set is ergonomically designed for guiding the tool for the finest polishing work. The FLEX FS-140 Flexible Shaft Set provides added versatility, making it possible to use the FLEX FS-140 Flexible Shaft Set virtually anywhere, inside or outside your vehicle!

Set includes:

Flexible Shaft

Allen Key

Rotary Drive Mechanism

2 Qty Cylindrical Cutting Pads

2 Qty Cylindrical Polishing Pads

2 Qty Cylindrical Finishing Pads

2 Qty Conical Cutting Pads

2 Qty Conical Polishing Pads

2 Qty Conical Finishing Pads