Meguiar's #110 Mirror Glaze Ultra Pro Speed Compound

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MEGUIAR'S® M110 Mirror Glaze Ultra Pro Speed Compound is the next evolution in advanced cutting compounds. Formulated with professional body shops and detailers in mind, this all-new formula offers both a quick, heavy cut and high gloss depth of shine. The long work cycle has the ability to remove up to 1,200 grit sanding marks while delivering an extremely high gloss finish. This exclusive formula is safe for body shops and wipes off easily with virtually no dust or sling. Safe and effective for hand use, dual action polisher or rotary buffer.

  • Fast, even cut with extremely high gloss finish
  • Pro-grade compound for quick removal of 1,200 grit or finer sanding marks
  • Incredible results with short and long-throw DA, or Rotary
  • Easy wipe-off, virtually zero dusting or sling with long work cycle
  • For optimum show car results, follow with MEGUIAR'S® M210 Mirror Glaze Ultra Pro Finishing Polish to refine paint to a deep, glossy finish