Rupes BigFoot HLR15 & HLR21 Ibrid Polisher***COMING SOON 2024***

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Introducing the iBrid Rupes BigFoot polishers, revolutionizing polishing with seamless cordless and corded capabilities. This compact powerhouse not only provides unmatched performance but also ensures a comfortable experience with ergonomic design, reduced noise, and low vibration levels. Ideal for professionals and enthusiasts, it sets a new standard in surface care, marking the future of polishing applications.

  • Battery powered units with the option to use a cord
  • Batteries are Li-ion 10 cell 18 volt (5 Ah capacity) units
  • Released as a kit (2x batteries, 1x charger, pads & polishes)
  • Cord option to be released later in 2024
  • Dual Battery Charger (Charge both batteries at one time)
  • Battery range is 30 minutes to 50 minutes (40 minute average)
  • Battery charge time is about 50 minutes
  • Battery power loss is minimal from beginning to end of battery life during use
  • 5160 opm during entire battery life cycle
  • Brushless motor construction
  • Just as powerful as the Mark III BigFoot units
  • New poly-fiber material for durability and weight reduction
  • The weight is around 5lbs (with battery attached)
  • 17% (15) and 24% (21) reduction in weight from MarkIII units
  • Thin with a more ergonomic design
  • PrecisionPro backing plate has a low center of gravity and protective rubber boarder
  • Anti-Spinning Ring for reduced friction and heat generation
  • Reduction in overall vibration during use (1200hz)
  • Substantial reduction in operating noise level (73Db)
  • Blue LED indicator down the side of the tool
  • Indicator glows blue during use and has two different flashing settings
  • Slow flash for low battery and fast flash when too much pressure is placed on the tool