Rupes Rotary Fine Compound

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Rupes Rotary Fine Compound, capable of removing up to P3000 grit sanding marks, RUPES Rotary Fine Compound is specifically formulated for rotary applications and perfect when paired up with our proprietary rotary yellow foam pads to deliver high gloss, haze-free finishing on most paint systems.

Developed, formulated, and manufactured in-house by RUPES the new Rotary Fine Compound is the ideal second step to follow a coarse rotary process to refine finishes, remove light defects, and deliver a wax ready shine. The specialized micro abrasives and proprietary blend have been developed specifically to operate smoothly and enhance the rotary user experience and allow operators to remove up to P3000 grit sand scratches in as little as one step.

Pair the RUPES Rotary Fine Polishing Compound with the RUPES Yellow Fine Rotary Foam Pads on the smooth and nimble operation of the LH19E rotary polisher to experience the smoothest rotary polishing process ever.