Rupes 3" X Cut Foam Backed Abrasives 75mm

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RUPES X-Cut Foam Backed Sanding Disc were developed as a solution to deep or hard to remove paint imperfections. Defects such as RIDS or orange peel require more aggressive procedures than traditional liquid abrasives can provide. Utilizing an aluminum oxide abrasive structure, RUPES X-Cut Foam Backing Sanding Discs produce even and consistent sanding marks across every curve and contour your vehicle has. The unique abrasives and construction quickly level these imperfections and leave a consistent scratch pattern that can easily be polished to perfection. To ensure even, consistent coverage, RUPES X-Cut Foam Backed Sanding Disc are constructed using a fabric substrate and foam backing. This provides you with a robust, high-performing option for sanding out the most difficult defects.

- 3"

- 20 per box