Stoner Invisible Glass Clean & Repel 19oz

Stoner Invisible Glass Clean & Repel 19oz

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Clean & Repel liquids in one step!

Stoner’s Clean & Repel combines the superior cleaning power of Invisible Glass with a long-lasting rain repellent that effortlessly sheds rain, sleet, and snow.

Drive safely, no matter the weather.

Clean & Repel helps you see better in wet weather – keeping you and your passengers safe.

Repels rain, sleet, and snow.

Prevents water from clinging to your glass. Water beads up and wicks away, ensuring your clear view.

Protect your windshield.

Clean & Repel protects your windshield from daily contaminants and helps prevent ice, snow, salt spray, road dirt, bug splats, and bird droppings from bonding to your glass.