Car Detailing With Ozone Pro-44

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Great article I came across and would like to share with you.


"Your car can smell as clean as new too, by adding an ozone generator treatment to your plans.

Everyone loves their car, especially while it still has that new-car smell. Once that wears off, all sorts of other odors develop. Tobacco smoke, spilled food, gasoline smells, smog and mildew from the air conditioning system. These odors all contribute to a “not-pleasant” and “not-so-healthy” automotive environment.

We all use car washes, once a month or even once a week. The better car washes also offer car detailing. You schedule an appointment to drop off your vehicle. They clean it inside and out, hand wax, buff, vacuum, wash the mats, and deodorize.

We have thousands of friends in the professional car detailing business. We know them because they use our ozone generators to deodorize the cars.

They became our friends when they discovered how much profit the PRO-4 or the PRO-8 they purchased from us is making them. They also know we’ll keep it working for them for as long as they own the machines.

We just repaired a PRO-8 from an auto detailer that had over 1900 hours on the hour meter. Figuring at lease $10 an hour for detailing, that machine has made that detailer close to $20,000. That is a 1,600% ROI. It was probably much more than that. We have seen 10,000% returns from large auto dealers treating trade-ins with our PRO-8 machine, and they just keep on working.

Deodorizing with ozone is an excellent service to offer. I highly recommend you try it. The car will have the same fresh, clean smell that follows a thunderstorm.

You can charge $30 – $60 – even $100 or more for deodorizing services. It depends on the locale, severity of the smell, and the size of the machine you use. It’s a fair price for a great smelling car and it is becoming one of the most popular services. Best of all, the ozone generator usually pays for itself in the first week.

To a detailer, “Ozone generator” is another term for “Money”.

New and used car dealers also find our ozone generators to be well worth their investment. When they get a car in trade or buy used cars at auction, adding an ozone treatment to their reconditioning protocol really pays off.

Cars owned by smokers and pet owners are impossible to resell until those odors have are gone.

Once the ozone does its job, it can mean $1000’s in added resale value.

You might want to consider this when it is time to trade in your automobile. A good ozone treatment could significantly increase your trade in value you get for your car or truck.

Your car is an extension of your home. The difference is that your car travels. It travels past the factory with the big smokestack, or past the dairy farm, or gets stuck in an exhaust-filled traffic jam. You open and close the windows and doors to let in people, odors, pollution and smog.

That burger you got at the drive-through was good. The extra onions made it great! But, you can’t say the same for the odor that still lingers in the car a few days later.

You get into the car day after day and are so used to the odors that you don’t even notice them anymore.

You get used to the odors – but other people still smell the stink!

You want your car to look and smell its best at all times so you really only have three options:

  1. Never eat, drink, or smoke in your car
  2. Pay out good money, over and over, to have your car detailed by a professional
  3. Remove the odors yourself!

The best way to rid your car of odors and mustiness is to treat it with an ozone generator."

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